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Why in the crap does this site exist?
Why in the crap not?

I know a lot about computers and Google Search is the most clicked button. Why do you say yours is the most clicked?
Because I have a number. You show me the actual live number of clicks the Google search button has gotten since the first day it started and I'll do absolutely nothing about it.

Can I use a macro to automatically click for me?
You can now use a macro. This was previously prohibited to make it fair for everyone, but you know what? Screw it. I spent too many hours monitoring every click that came through here. A click is a click, automated or not. Have at it and don't complain to me about not enforcing it anymore.

I click fast, but it doesnt take all my clicks. What gives?
You're probably using Internet Explorer. Why aren't you using Firefox yet? Dang!

Why does the number go down when I refresh?
Your clicks are submitted every 5 seconds. If you click and refresh less than 5 seconds later, those clicks may not get counted. Before refreshing or leaving the page, please wait 5 seconds. Know this so I don't have to add a popup telling you to wait.

You just wasted a good few minutes of my life with this button. Can you please reimburse me, because that was stupid.
Play at your own risk. Clicks not valid where prohibited. No purchase necessary. All clicks are final. Thank you, come again.

Why do you have to ruin this site by putting ads on it?
Oh, so you want me to pay for the domain and hosting just so you can click this stupid button? Give me 50 bucks and I'll take them off for a little while.

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   50-75% Curious Clicker
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